Established in 2009, Redshift Optics has been positioned in the telecommunications market for the purposes of:

Supplying, Building and Maintaining carrier- neutral metropolitan scale fibre optic rings.

Redshift Opticsʼ vision is to transform various business districts within South Africa into premier telecommunication locations in by building and leasing superior fibre networks at competitive prices.

The capacity of these fibre rings will be leased as unlit pairs of fibre, allowing service providers to rapidly rollout redundant, high speed fibre networks in the most cost effective manner.

Our competitive pricing and superior network design will allow both established and upcoming telecommunication companies to rapidly extend their existing networks or allow for the deployment of new networks.

Redshift optics will strive to make the rolling out fibre optic networks the most cost effective communications solution. 

Our Story

The telecommunications industry in South Africa is currently experiencing structural change in its mega-cycle. Structural changes in business cycles often rein in

changes to industry that force innovation and efficiency to take place. We have just experienced the tightening of belts, revisions of budgets and growth

forecasts. This is the normal course of business. However, when structural changes in a mega-cycle take place only a select few that are “ready and

waiting” will take advantage of the super-long term head start that has been presented to them. 



Redshift Optics offers a wide range of end-to- end integrated telecommunications solutions.

We provide various required site build and

infrastructure establishment solutions for each clients needs.

We specialise in the deployment of fibre optical cable for transmission backbone

and metro networks.

We also offer microwave transmission solutions, including the supply, installation and commissioning of point-to-point as well as point- to-multipoint services.