Founded in May 2002, Emerald Green Power was formed with the aim of providing specialist services to City Power Johannesburg in the electrical contracting environment. Today, Emerald Green Power is a fully functional organization that actively seeks top quality staff members for the day-to-day operations of the business, developing business relations with dependable suppliers always ensuring that we receive needed materials timely and having built an infrastructure designed for the accomplishment of any and all assignments that we undertake.

Business Model

Emerald Green Power, at its core, is an electrical company specializing in various functions such as street lighting, maintenance, high mast, connections and major capital projects. 

Our Story

Our core competencies lie in the execution of capital projects, electrical rehabilitation, maintenance and new installations of high masts and street light infrastructure as well as undertaking the tasks of service connections and disconnections.

One key area that Emerald Green Power has started to venture into is Load Management. Dynamic load management is the key to efficient network management over broad areas. Emerald Green Power’s load management portfolio, which includes transmission equipment and receivers, provides a simple and effective solution by communicating over power lines to control load. This enables utilities to implement advanced direct load control, change meter parameters remotely and manage complex multiple rate tariffs. Ripple control gives the system flexibility to meet different customers' needs, whilst enabling utilities to optimise network demand to manage peak load and maintain network supply quality. 


Emerald Green Power will strive to become a leading electrical service provider in the South African industry, always displaying professionalism, innovation and quality in all our work. We will commitment ourselves to the upliftment of our employees and our community through job creation, development, and sustainability.